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We are a professional Healthcare Organization, registered under the Indian Law.

We are proficient in the field of Patient care. Our expertise lies in connecting the patients with the best possible Medical facility available in India, especially Bengaluru (Bangalore).

We assist the Patients in:

  1. Scouting the various treatment lines obtainable
  2. Coordinate with the patient’s own doctor/s through phone, email
  3. Help the patient to select the procedures advised by their own doctors
  4. Assist in all types of query regarding medical (from the Specialist doctors) and regarding non-medical query
  5. Assist the patient in choosing the hospital where the procedure can take place
  6. Fetch the best possible facility for the patient from the chosen hospital
  7. Facilitate Medical Visa for the international patient and the companion/ attendant
  8. Coordinate with the patient regarding food and stay during their stay in the Indian city
  1. Receive the patient and the companion/ attendant from the airport or railway station
  2. Escort the patient either to the service apartment or hotel as previously selected
  3. Helps in the FRRO registration facility at the Foreign Region Registration Office
  4. Attend the patient to the hospital for pre-operative procedures
  5. Guide the patient and the companion for payment procedures
  6. Expedite timely treatment on priority
  7. Facilitate hospital stay for the patient
  8. Arrange for medical attaché in case the patient has traveled alone
  9. Arrange for Language interpreters (French, Arabic already exist)
  10. Prioritize discharge from the hospital
  11. Guide the patient and the attendant during post-operative care including accommodation and food of their choice
  12. Escort the patient to rehabilitation centre, should there be a need
  13. Help the patient and the companion in terms of shopping, currency exchange, local tour, back home journey booking etc.
  1. Helps in arranging all the medical records for the patient after completing all medical requirements in the city
  2. Special meeting with the doctor/s for the follow up guidance
  3. Escort the patient and the companion to the airport
  4. Arrange conference call with the patient and patient’s own doctor for any post-care issues.

We Specialize In


Total joint replacement, Total shoulder replacement, Total hip replacement, Total knee replacement, ACL repair surgery, Sports injury, Arthroscopy, Revision joint surgery


Angioplasty, CABG – Cardian bypass surgery, CAG – coronary angiogram, AICD – pace maker, Heart transplant, Heart valve replacement


Craniotomy, Surgery to manage epilepsy, Anterior cervical discectomy, Laminectomy, Spinal fusion, Microdiscectomy, Complex spine surgeries


Treatment for men, Treatment for women, ART – assisted reproductive technology(IVF, ICSI), Surrogacy


Diabetic retinopathy, Cataract surgery, Glucoma surgery, Refractive surgery, Corneal surgery, Vitreoretinal surgery, Oculoplastic  surgery


Implants,  Crown & bridge, Complete denture, Veneers, Implant supported complete denture, Root canal treatment, Tooth Bleaching, Orthognathic surgery – changing facial appearance, Flap surgery – complex gum surgery

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Email: info@advinahealth.com

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